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Parker's Famous BBQ
Emily Upchurch

I had really missed this barbecue! It was delicious, and easy to reheat and keep it moist by following through directions on the package.

Parker's Famous BBQ
Craig Wrenn
Taste or home (in Florida)

Best Eastern NC BBQ service available

Parker's Famous BBQ
William Hall
Best pig meat in the world

My wife is from NC she took me to Wilson at Parkers back in the eighties and we would make road trips there great food great people now I can have it delivered love it

Combo Sauce Pack
David Armstrong

I now use Parkers BBQ vinegar based sauce to season most of the foods instead of Worcester sauce...

Awesome Food

Great food, haven't been here in 10 years. As good if not better than I remembered. Always worth the stop.

Parker's Barbecue

If you like vinegar based barbecue, you will love Parkers. It is outstanding!

Parker's Famous BBQ
Streeter, Sonya
The Very Best

As always your barbeque never disappoints. I greatly appreciate not only your barbeque but what you are attempting to accomplish with your mission statement for your organization. I wrote many months ago to your prayer line to commend you for having a chaplain as a part of your organization and a prayer line that people can make requests-it truly adds that special touch in trying to add integrity, respect, and professionalism. It is rare and much appreciated in the world of today when so many people are trying desperately through acts of faith and religion to better the world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do...and for the Daily Bread that you included with your order. No matter what anyone says...I will always believe that Jesus would have enjoyed a pulled pork sandwich...especially if it was made by your organization(smile)....please keep doing what your doing to the best of your ability with the high standards you have set to achieve. Best wishes in everything!!!

Parker's Famous BBQ
Dewayne Godwin
Nothing like Parker’s BBQ

Joined the Air Force in 1981 retired after 25 years of service. Now live in South Dakota lots of copy cat N.C. BBQ cross the U.S. and let me tell everyone none of them come close to Parker’s whole hog chopped BBQ.

All about NC BBQ

The packaging is fine. The pulled pork is tasty. A little pricey even with the free shipping promo.

Combo Sauce Pack
Dale Schwermer

Their barbecue sauce is fantastic to say the least. These are the nicest people I have ever dealt with in my life five stars by anybody's standard

Parker's Famous BBQ
Carrie Webb
Best BBQ in the whole world!

There is nothing like Parker's BBQ. When I lived in Greenville, NC, Parker’s was a weekly tradition. Now I live in Florida and I was afraid I would never have such good BBQ ever again, but then I found out that Parker’s delivers!! Every month or so I order 8 pounds of BBQ and my family enjoys BBQ anytime they want. (And I have a pound hidden for me so when theirs runs out I can still enjoy it!)

Fast shipper

It was great getting the real NC Bar B Que. I’m going to reorder more because I’m eating it everyday. I’m very pleased with Parker’s
5 stars+


I was in Greenville today and went by the Arlington location to get a plate to bring home for my supper. I decided to get one of each of the sauces. Well, when I got back to Hyde County and took my things out of the bag, well the food was just as good as it always is. But although I did get one of each of the sauces, neither one of them had a label on it. I had intended to give them to my brother Dennis, but changed my mind. I looked them up on this site so that I could at least know which is which.

Did Not Disappoint

We ordered online and were very impressed. The mailing packaging was well done! Everything in the package we selected was very good. Excellent BBQ and sides!

NC native loves it!!!

This is my go to bbq for my 92 year old father who grew up in Durham. His only request would be coleslaw for the sandwiches

Combo Sauce Pack
william lavake
good stuff

ordered 1 of each bbq sauce got both the same

Parker's Famous BBQ
Rhonda Jones
Great BBQ

My great great aunt sent us some bbq and it was delicious. I have since ordered twice from them.

Love Parkers BBQ

I grew up in NC and have lived in CT for many years. I'm so happy I found Parkers so I can get my real NC BBQ "fix". Great food, reliable delivery, high quality, and fantastic team.

Parker's Famous BBQ
Patty Kenall

Thank you so much for bringing back great memories! My Aunt and Uncle have lived in Pikeville for years. When I was little we would go to Wison for BBQ. I have lived in the mid west for 40 years now. My family fell in love at first bite! Absolutely the best BBQ !


BBQ arrived still frozen with directions for warm up. It was absolutely delish! I've missed the wonderful taste of parker's barbecue and was so excited to find that I could get it delivered to me.

Great gift for my brother who lives in Florida but was born in ENC

He was very surprised to get this gift of Parker’s BBQ for his birthday. Last count was that he made 6+ sandwiches. Parker’s representatives customer service was awesome! I grew up in Greenville and Parker’s was our favorite BBQ and living around the corner was very convenient. I now live in East Texas and am happy they ship their bbq.

Parker's Famous BBQ
Stephanie Morrow
Great BBQ

I'm from ENC but now live in East TX. Recently ordered some BBQ, hushpuppues, and, cornsticks. So delicious! Even shared with a few coworkers. They're used to a different BBQ. Some liked it.

Takes me back to my childhood days in Raleigh.
I appreciate the 1 pound packages.
From Seattle, WA.


I have missed my East Carolina BBQ and found that I could order online and have it shipped to Virginia. Came VERY well packed with dry ice. I followed the instructions and in 20 minutes it was like I was sitting in Parkers...even with hushpuppies...FANTASTIC. Thank you Parker's... that would be 6 stars!

Great food, but slow delivery.

This was my first purchase of Parker's Barbecue. It was great and will be ordering in the future. I may consider sending it out as gifts.

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